Digital Marketing

An industry leader in online childcare marketing in the childcare Industry, Web systems, search engine optimisation, online marketing, and Web development and design, 2020 Digital Design has assembled a talented and experienced staff to deliver compelling products that are custom designed to generate additional sales, increase your Web presence, and expand your customer and client base.We not only deliver the most useful Web system and marketing tools for today’s online marketplace, but we also have the foresight to identify developing technologies and upcoming trends. This allows us to help you with your immediate needs and also prepare you for the new ways of doing business online that are always just around the corner.
List of services:

  • Web Design and Development Services
  • Social Media Management Services
  • Pay Per Click
  • SEO
  • Branding
  • Content Marketing

The 2020 Methodology

2020 Digital Design Experience We draw on over 28 years of experience in business and countless years of experience of our development team across multiple disciplines of childcare ownership, childcare management, corporate childcare, analysis and development process. You would be hard-pressed to find a company involved in such an array of successful projects across such a broad childcare geographic landscape.
Customer Experience We take the expert and specialised knowledge of our client, working closely with them to extract knowledge that sometimes may not be obvious to them.
Academic Theory We look at established/proven research and theories and newly developed/recently tested concepts. We have access to several journal databases, attend professional development sessions, write articles, and subscribe to several leading professional organisations.
Competition Research (Domestic) We look at what the competition is doing well in the local market and What it isn’t doing well; in the event, there are no directly comparable products we seek out similar products.
Competition Research (International) We look overseas and locally to see what is happening in other, and often more advanced, markets. We look at keywords, layouts and functions of applications, focusing on traffic generation, traffic conversion and software product delivery.

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