Childcare Consultancy and Advisory

Early Learning Management has experience in every aspect of childcare service management, from launching to monitoring and development. We take pride in our team of child care centre consultants who have been in the industry for more than 28 years. Our child care consultants have a wealth of experience in helping various childcare facilities across Australia. Whether you need assistance in increasing enrolment rate or training your staff, our consultants are well-equipped to help you. We put in the time, understanding your goals and target market to provide you with the best advice on improving your facility.

We designed our professional child care advisory services to improve your business regardless of its size. Our tailored solutions are sure to meet the needs of your childcare service and help achieve your goals.

We provide assistance on many aspects of childcare management, including:

  • National Quality Standard Compliance
  • SWOT and ROI Analysis
  • Investor Relationships
  • Operational Assessments, Inspections, and Optimisation
  • Licensing, Accreditation and Programming Support
  • Recruitment, Training, and Development

  • Staff Support and Management
  • Management Services to Insolvency Consultants and Financiers
  • Conceptual Design Consultancy
  • Regulatory and Legislative Areas
  • Developing Centre KPI Reporting
  • Exploring New Opportunities


Taking advantage of our child care consulting services helps you develop your childcare centre from the ground up. Our child care business consultants are highly knowledgeable on best practices in recruiting, developing and training your facility’s staff members. They can also help you analyse what needs to be maintained or improved in your facility. If you need to improve a certain aspect in your business, we can work with you to conceptualise an appropriate action plan that will make your facility stand out.

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It is important that your business complies with The National Quality Framework (NQF) which operates under an applied law system, comprising the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations to avoid penalty and other related issues. ELM can help you prepare compliance responses and submit them to the Regulatory Authority.


ELM provides a complete solution to your childcare consultancy and management needs. Whether you are building or buying a service, our experienced consultants will guide you through the process. We can work on one-off projects or provide short-term consultancy services to meet your specific needs and goals.

We partner with different organisations across Australia, including:

  • Private Groups
  • Corporate Enterprises
  • Not for Profit Groups
  • Councils
  • Schools
  • Religious Groups
  • Individual Owners


Early Learning Management is your premier provider of childcare management advice and high-quality solutions that are unparalleled in the industry. We aim to meet your needs and satisfy you every time you ask for professional help.

Our practical and robust solutions offer many benefits, including improved processes, increased revenue and ROI, streamlined workflows and improved quality of service. We serve childcare service owners, managers, and operators across the country.

We look forward to assisting you with everything related to childcare management and development. Let us start building our long-term partnership and creating opportunities for your business.

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