We offer high quality services to meet your specific needs and goals. Get advice from experienced childcare professionals.

Early Learning Management is the real deal when it comes to childcare solutions, management, and development. We offer high quality services to meet your specific needs and goals. Get advice from experienced childcare professionals. Whether you are launching a childcare service or you are looking for practical ways to improve your current facility, we are here to help. Request a consultation today.

ELM specialises in childcare management, childcare consultancy and advisory and childcare development. We take pride in our team of experts with over 28 years of childcare experience. We will help you build a successful business , so that you can provide better service and education programs to children in under your care. Find out how our services work.

Financial Modelling

Early Learning Management with 28 years experience in the childcare industry and its associate of 20 years in investment banking and Big 4 accounting experience bring a new level of transparency, control & performance to rolling childcare budgeting & strategic planning processes undertaken using Microsoft Excel. This reporting & business modelling approach makes it the ideal tool for many tasks including historical reporting, budgeting & forecasting, analysing KPIs & actuals, modelling scenarios & managing consolidations. The Early Learning Management team will empower you by providing ongoing strategic budgeting & planning services to suit your childcare business.

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Childcare Management

Professional Childcare Management is Early Learning Management’s business and delivering commercial financial outcomes. Early Learning Management provides professional childcare management for childcare businesses across all dynamics of the industry.

Managing a childcare business is never easy; you need to deal with all the typical and unique challenges that may arise. Childcare management is successful if you have experienced professionals by your side. The Early Learning Management team will assist you with planning, building and growing your childcare business. We will make sure your service complies with the National Standards and promotes the overall development of children.

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Childcare Consultancy and Advisory

Our team of experienced professionals provide expert Childcare Consultancy Advisory to ensure a successful childcare business.

As a childcare service owner or operator, you need to make informed and careful decisions. Everything you do will affect the entire organisation and the children you are serving. Early Learning Management is the agency you can rely on when it comes to Return On Investment, National Quality Standard compliance and operational optimisation.

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Childcare Development

We will guide you every step of the way, from building and launching your business to finding effective development strategies.

We do what it takes to help childcare owners succeed. We will provide the information, assistance and support you need throughout your journey. Whether you are starting a childcare business or you need ideas on how to improve your existing facility, let us talk. With over 28 years of experience in the industry, our team can provide the quality service you deserve.

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Digital Marketing

An industry leader in online childcare marketing in the childcare Industry, Web systems, search engine optimisation, online marketing, and Web development and design, 2020 Digital Design has assembled a talented and experienced staff to deliver compelling products that are custom designed to generate additional sales, increase your Web presence, and expand your customer and client base.

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