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Hiring Childcare Staff: Ideal Qualities of Childcare Educators

A successful child care development strategy for your business involves building the right team for your childcare facility. One way to achieve that is by hiring the right staff and educators, ensuring that the children enrolled in your care will have people who can both teach the children and help develop their well-being.

Here are some qualities you need to look for when hiring your staff:

Professional Qualifications

Before anything else, childcare staff should have the necessary qualifications to work in a childcare facility. The National Quality Framework mandates that educators either have or are working towards a diploma, a certificate, or a teaching qualification.

The National Quality Framework ensures that childcare facilities all throughout Australia will be able to provide quality education and care for children. The National Quality Standard includes staffing arrangements as one of its priority areas, advocating for the need for educators who can maximise children’s engagement in a positive and safe learning environment.

Great Communication Skills

Childcare staff need to communicate effectively with children, especially when giving instructions and responding to children’s questions. Being warm, approachable and respectful are qualities that can help maintain this communication, which also helps children feel safe and welcome in their environment.

Staff will need to touch base with you and other people as well. Parents, for example, will want to hear how their children are doing. An educator needs to be able to translate daily interactions with children into accurate accounts and assessments, helping both educator and parent partner together in the child’s development.

Creativity with Learning Methods

Unlike the rigid structure of higher level education, childhood education requires staff who can creatively adapt teaching methods to the preferences and temperaments of different children. For example; a straightforward flash card activity might work for a particular group of children, but another group might need a more immersive art activity to make the lessons appealing to them.

Childcare education is a challenge, so be sure to ask potential staff about their teaching methods and alternative strategies. You can also ask them to craft practical responses to situations you have personally seen happen in your childcare facility.

Creative learning methods help children as well by developing their cognitive capacity and own creativity, according to a study conducted in UNDA.

Patience and Understanding

Children can have varying moods and respond differently from one day to another. Staff need to be patient and understanding with children, especially since negative responses or actions can have adverse effects on the development of children.

Staff also need to be patient with the nature of working in childcare facilities. Strategies are always developing, integrating new curriculum and learning methods whenever applicable. Businesses adapt to different parent concerns as well, which can cause frequent changes in operations and practices.

Childcare Development Services

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