Childcare Management Team

Hiring an Experienced Childcare Management Team

Childcare Management Team

One of the most critical aspects of starting a childcare business is building up your company’s childcare management team. Your managers will serve as an extension of your leadership, so it is vital that they be able to uphold your high standards while also building on your existing strengths to improve the business.

Balancing Experience and Potential

You may depend on your managers to do the hiring, doing so requires comfort and experience in dealing with people. The quality of the childcare consultants, educators and other support staff running your business, so you need to be able to trust your managers to hire the best candidates.

Since childcare service management is a quintessentially people-oriented industry, it is worth interviewing candidates with a solid background. The National Quality Framework (NQF) sets out the minimum qualification and educator to child ratio requirements for children’s education and care services.

Finding the Right Candidates

You will probably need to follow the more typical path of posting job advertisements in local newspapers and online hiring sites.

When writing management job listings, it is important to describe the exact qualifications you require concisely. Be upfront about the industry and be sure to mention the specific interpersonal skills required & to any necessary qualifications or certifications. A great job title typically includes a general term, level of experience and any special requirements.

A recruiter that specialises in this industry may help separate the top-quality candidates from the crowd. They are an excellent resource for finding top-tier managers with proven track records. Fees can be steep, so use these recruiting services only as necessary.

The Importance of Networking and References

In any field of business, it is not usually difficult to find references. When working in childcare, it is imperative to do so. If the positions you are hiring for aren’t directly working with children, the safety of those children is paramount, references are a must.

To hire the best candidates for your childcare management service, you need to find the best. Individual networking events can be beneficial when searching for your team. Conferences that specialise in childcare service management will bring industry-wide thought leaders to the forefront of the field.

Be prepared to connect with potential candidates with a short pitch about the company and your dream team. Childcare is close knit, if one person you meet isn’t looking for work, they may know just the right person.

Building up a network of managers and other childcare professionals can yield word-of-mouth dividends that help referred candidates find you themselves. Importantly, a professional network is the best way to evaluate candidates during references checks.

Setting the Foundation for Future Success

Parents have a reputation for demanding a lot from their childcare provider, as paying customers, they have every right to. With targeted search tactics and solid network-building, you can ensure you can find the most promising candidates.

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